Gardiners Bay

Gardiners Bay

Backyard Living is the exclusive US importer of Gardiners Bay.

Designed by Povl Eskilden and Dick Bjork, Gardiner Bay furniture combined style and sensibility to deliver luxury style and durability at a modest price point.

About Povl Eskildsen:
Povl Eskildsen A product of the classic Danish furniture tradition, Povl’s interest in design in general and furniture design in particular, started at a young age on the shop floor of his parent’s furniture factory in Salling, Denmark. Povl studied architecture at the renowned Aarhus School of Architecture. He initially worked with a number of Danish indoor furniture companies before turning his sights on outdoor furniture. Working with among others, Trip-Trap and Gloster, Povl brought a new sense of design into the outdoor furniture industry, in particular in teak furniture, where his designs brought the elegance & comfort that had been the norm in Danish indoor furniture for decades to a category where heft and weight rather than design and comfort had been key selling parameters.

About Dick Bjork:
Dick´s interest in furniture design was ignited at an early age where he spent a considerable amount of time in his parent’s iconic furniture shop in Helsingborg, Sweden. Starting in his teenage years, Dick funded his passion for design by working after school and weekends assembling furniture, a task that laid the foundation for his passion for perfecting even the smallest of details. Dick went on to study metal work and trained as a cabinetmaker. Having worked as a craftsman at some of Sweden’s leading furniture producers, Dick turned to furniture design. His early work include pioneering mixed material outdoor furniture for legendary Berga Form of Sweden.

Here are some of our favorite Gardiners Bay collections.