Care Guide – Big Green Egg

The Big Green Egg® does not require a lot of maintenance, but a few checks will ensure it performs as designed for years. Here are 3 areas to focus on to keep the smoke rolling and flames precise. These are great Spring Cleaning steps to prepare for grilling season each year.

  1. The hardware on the bands & wheeled-nest should be checked for tightness annually. Be careful not to over tighten hardware, you are simply ensuring they are not loose. If you move the egg often, double check the wheel assembly.
  2. Fully remove ashes. Remove and set aside the internal fire ring & fire box. Brush down the inside sweep out the ash. Inspect the internal components before placing them back in the base. Be sure to align the “mouth” of the fire box with the draft door and place the fire grate with the bevel facing down.
  3. Finally, inspect the gaskets. A burned or missing gasket disrupts air-flow and will affect start-up and temperature control. If the gasket is badly burned or degraded, we can order a replacement part.