Care Guide – Chiminea

Our traditional Mexican Clay Chiminea is a great way to add fun to your patio, deck or pool area. They’re made for
moderate climates like the southwest, but with minimal care, they’ll last for years.

    1. Placement. The location should be free of overhanging branches. If it’s on a deck – use a spark guard.
    2. Three Days Before using, seal the outside, and in & around the openings with a sealer, like FutureTM Floor Wax or Thompson’s Water Seal. Re-Seal every year.
    3. Before using, fill the bottom with sand to 2” below the lip – to keep burning logs off the clay (plus, raising the logs helps make the smoke come out through the neck)
    4. Before Using, put a couple of bricks on the sand. The wood goes on the bricks and helps air flow, making a better fire.
    5. Start with 3 Very small fires, to “season” your chiminea. For example…
        • Fire #1: 3 Fatwood sticks, then let it cool. (5-ish minutes)
        • Fire #2: 3 Fatwood sticks + 2 small pieces of wood, then let it cool. (10-ish minutes)
        • Fire #3: Same as #2 (add another piece of wood for a slightly longer burn time.)
    6. Bigger Fires: Now you’re ready, but if flame comes out the neck, the fire’s TOO BIG
    7. Start with a Dry Chiminea. We recommend burning a smaller fire for 15-20 minutes first, to assure all moisture has been evaporated from the clay.
    8. Start fires with Fatwood. NEVER use lighter fluid or any other type of flame enhancing material. The clay can absorb the liquid.
    9. Pinion Wood. Pinion smells great and wards off mosquitoes. This makes it the most widely used Chiminea wood.
    10. DO NOT extinguish the fire with water. The sudden temperature change can crack the clay. Allow fires to burn out naturally.
    11. Cover when not in use, particularly in the winter.
    12. Cleaning: Easy – just empty excess ashes every so often. If you must, use a damp cloth to wipe down the outside. Remember to reseal every year!