Care Guide – Christmas Tree

3 Tips To Keep Your Tree Beautiful For Many Seasons

  1. Replace dead bulbs as you decorate each year
  2. Use the Lightkeeper Pro to fix light sets (see Below)
  3. Never Store Tree in Original Box (Bulbs will be broken)

Fixing Lights:

  • On our trees, if a light burns out, everything but that bulb stays lit
  • If a light is broken, the electrical connections are severed and that one string goes out
  • In Some cases, when 1 light fails, the string still goes out – see
    “Lightkeeper Pro” below
  • If a whole line is dead, it’s probably a blown fuse (rare – feel free to
    call us)

* 95% of light issues happen when the tree is lit with more & more burned out bulbs *

Lights should all be lit at the start of every season. If several (like a dozen) bulbs are out, bulbs burn out more rapidly. The more bulbs out, the faster the remaining bulbs die.

If a string is out, look for a loose or broken bulb (breaks the electrical flow). Replace & the string should light. We strongly recommend the Lightkeeper Pro!

The Lightkeeper Pro is an excellent tool to repair all miniature light sets, trees, deer, light strings, etc. This is an amazing, patented device that quickly fixes most light issues. We recommend this product to everyone with holiday lighting.

We sell replacement lights that include the plastic “Husk” (the part circled in red) from our leading tree supplier. The Husk is not universal. If our light does not fit in the socket on your tree, bend the wires down and remove the default Husk. Slip on the Husk from the dead bulb, and bend the wires back up on your Husk. This should work as a replacement light.