Care Guide – Ecco Mailbox

We’ve sold Ecco Mailboxes for over a decade. In our opinion, they are about the best available. While the warranty on them is 3 years, you will have them for much longer. They’re made with quality materials (like solid brass construction) & built to last.

That being said – the outdoors are tough. Below are tips to keep your mailbox looking its best for life.

    1. Wax & polish with Car wax once or twice a year
    2. Depending on weather conditions, over time the clear laquer might break down. Rub gently with a soft steel wool & spray on a coat of Minwax Gloss Laquer. This will remove any ‘cloudy’ appearance in the laquer finish.
    3. If the copper finish takes on a patina, follow Step # 2 above.

Note – the patina will happen over time, and can’t be removed. A gentle scrub with a soft steel wool, followed by the re-laquering will preserve the finish best.